7 Survival Strategies When The Kids Are Driving You Crazy

Going through a divorce can be hard on your self-esteem. Take the time to care for your own spiritual and emotional needs in order to better equip you to help your children deal with theirs.

47.Divorce in itself will not destroy your children. It is your reaction to the divorce that has the power to destroy their coping mechanisms. On-going conflict and emotionally unavailable parents who have regressed into boy/girl crazy adolescents are the real culprits.

There is simply too much for me to get through with you today, so we’ll start with one of the seven and if you want to know more, I invite you to take a look at my “Routines That Rock” program that goes into each of these in detail.

“By creating consistent, predictable times when she knows that you are receptive and available to listen. Let her use you as a sounding board to sort out what she is going through, without solving problems for her.” says White.

Was my family wise or just lucky? Today, we don’t do those things anymore. We don’t take such risks, and we don’t expose our children to such risks – not if we know the facts.

Your home is a lovely place for handovers to happen for cooperative parenting teams. It’s fabulous if there’s bags to be carried, science projects to be taxied, and in some cases pets too!

If there is respect and cooperation between the two parents, then home is great. However, probably if it was like that, you wouldn’t be reading this either. So, back to how it is for you.

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